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BA Peace & Conflict Studies

3 years

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Programme profile

Everyday we see images of war and violence on our television screens and in the newspapers. Taken together, all the stories of bloodshed create the image of a divided world, with one part engulfed in endless wars and the other looking on helplessly. This programme gives you a more truthful understanding of what actually goes on in the combat zones of the planet, and how societies of the global peace zone are implicated in the violence that occurs in distant places.

What causes wars? How can societies move beyond conflict? How can we grasp and analyse the global and local conflict scenarios of our time? These are some of the questions Peace and Conflict Studies will answer. This programme is concerned with the causes and effects of organized violence, with the fate of ordinary people in war and peace and with their aspirations towards peace and justice. It is important to see peace and conflict issues through the eyes of those who are directly involved in them. The programme emphasises grassroots perspectives on organised violence, as well as peace initiatives.

Programme content

The Foundations of Peace and Conflict Studies: the rise of the global world order;
Depictions of War and the Image of the Enemy;
Peace and Conflict Theory;
Conflict Analysis: Research Methods;
Outcomes in Peace and Conflict Studies;
Civilians in and after the war;
Civil society actors: frameworks and predicaments;
Project Management;
Project implementation and evaluation;
Two elective semesters: additional courses, internship and/or study abroad;
Bachelor"s Thesis


The university offers a related Masters programme, taught through English, in the following area:

- Global Policy Studies

Entry Requirements

A total of 5 subjects from A-Levels, A/S Levels and GCSEs, two of which must be A-Levels

Leaving Certificate showing at least 6 subjects of which at least 2 Higher Level subjects (at least Grade H5). Maths required.




16 October

15 April