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Vienna is situated in the north-East of Austria and lies on the banks of the majestic Danube river. Its population is approx 1.6 million.

Vienna is a metropolis with unique charm and flair. It boasts outstanding infrastructure and is clean and safe.

The Burgtheater, Vienna's main theatre, has obtained a world-wide reputation for brilliant dramatic art and is one of the most important theatres of German-speaking Europe. The city has more than 100 art museums.

Vienna is a city that produces its own wine but second to wine is beer. Vienna has a single large brewery, Ottakringer, and more than ten microbreweries. A "Beisl" is a typical small Austrian pub, of which Vienna has many.

Vienna is a very laid back capital: no one ever seems in a hurry here, a vibe that's mirrored in the bar scene itself. If you're a serious devotee of dance music, the old adage of 'seek and ye shall find' is worth bearing in mind. 



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